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The Annual 9th Energy Conference, 2023

The Energy Systems Society at Northeastern University is honoured to present the successful series of energy conferences for the ninth time. This is a place where experts in the energy transition sector share their innovation, business, and policy knowledge with a larger community of students and professionals to help to accelerate our transition to a net-zero carbon footprint. Please e-mail us for more information: energysystemsneu@gmail.com

  • Date: 09/29/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location: 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, USA (Map)

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To prevent global warming far exceeding 1.5 degC, an economic transformation is needed. By 2030, seven trillion dollars must be invested per year in everything from climate startups and battery technology to hydrogen pipelines and windfarms. Public spending is one part of the equation, but seven trillion dollars is greater than the entire US federal budget, and orders of magnitude larger than any government can spend on climate. This workshop will explore how the world can this ambitious and necessary target. We will cover many different aspects of climate finance, from multilateral development banks and government spending, to energy companies and private investors. The workshop will deliver a macro-understanding of how these pieces fit together as well as a micro-view of how they can be implemented.
Climate financing workshop image