Dr. Dhanya Puthusseri(Ph.D)
Materials Scientist| Electrochemist - 24M Technologies

Dr. Dhanya Puthusseri is an experienced Battery Researcher with extensive expertise in advanced battery technologies, specializing in Li-ion, Li Metal, and solid-state battery chemistries. With over a decade of dedicated research, her work encompasses the entire battery development spectrum, from materials processing to a deep understanding of operational mechanisms and failure modes, utilizing a wide array of electrochemical and structural characterization tools. Dr. Puthusseri has made substantial contributions in diagnosing battery performance decay and material degradation, combining electrochemical measurements with cutting-edge structural and imaging characterization techniques. As a physicist and materials scientist, Dr. Puthusseri's research is firmly rooted in her keen interest in electrochemistry and energy storage. Her primary focus centers on unraveling the intricate process-structure-performance relationships of materials intended for advanced battery systems, employing advanced characterization techniques and electrochemical methods. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Battery Engineer at 24M Technologies Ltd,. In her current role, she focuses on improving the way battery electrodes are made to enhance their performance while making the manufacturing process more cost-effective. Prior to this role, her research at Princeton University was dedicated to deciphering the chemo- mechanical intricacies of solid-state batteries and interface properties, utilizing state-of-the-art synchrotron X-ray imaging and diffraction studies.