Luke McKneally
Energy Engineer - ICF; Owner, Architect - LM Design Works LLC

Luke McKneally has over 25 years experience in architecture, renewable energy, and energy efficiency with a focus on ultra-efficient Passive House design and construction.  Luke is a licensed Architect in MA, a USGBC LEED accredited professional, and a Certified Passive House Consultant.  He works at ICF on the on the Multi-Family High Rise and Passive House paths for the Massachusetts Residential New Construction program, where he assists project participants in improving energy performance.  This support includes outreach and recruiting of projects, project-specific Passive House energy charrettes, and broader presentations to market the Mass Save program and educate the community on energy efficiency and Passive House design approaches.  He has served on the board of Passive House Massachusetts, and is co-chair of the Medford energy committee working with his community on energy initiatives like Solarize Medford and reviewing new municipal construction projects for the city’s efficiency goals.  Luke has presented at ACEEE, NESEA, AIA, and other conferences on renewable energy and energy efficiency.