Nathan Phelps
Managing Director - Vote Solar Regulatory Advocacy Hub

Nathan Phelps is the Managing Director of Vote Solar’s Regulatory Advocacy Hub (the “Hub”). The Hub is dedicated to advancing regulatory excellence and inclusion in venues across the country in support of Vote Solar’s mission to realize a 100% clean energy future through a solutions-driven, people-first approach. Within Vote Solar, the Hub applies regulatory knowledge amassed over the last twenty years to ensure that key learnings, technical expertise, the best available resources, and innovative research are effectively and consistently deployed across our five regional teams. Externally, the Hub is a place for communities, non-profits, and other organizations to learn about regulatory issues and access tools to mount their own interventions, helping to advance a broad and inclusive clean energy agenda before public utility commissions and legislatures across the country. The regulatory space has long been intentionally inaccessible to the people most impacted by harmful energy decisions, and the Hub expands procedural justice by supporting direct access to these venues.

Nathan joined Vote Solar in 2013 in order to advocate for a 100% clean energy future in regulatory venues. Prior to joining Vote Solar, Nathan was a Senior Economist at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities with a primary focus on renewable energy and distributed generation. Before joining the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Nathan worked at the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust in 2007. Nathan is based in Connecticut.