Matt Eckelman

Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering - Northeastern University

Securing a Sustainable Supply Chain

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Sachin Patel

CEO - LastMile Energy; Adjunct Professor - Northeastern University

The Infrastructure Revolution

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Anu Chinnakannan

Application Engineer - Schneider Electric

The Digital Transformation

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Maggie Teliska

Manager BESS Technologies - Enel Green Power

Storage: The Key to Reliability

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Chris Schaffner

Principal & Founder - The Green Energy; Professor - Northeastern University

Decoding Sustainable Buildings

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David Myers

Director of the Business Sustainability Initiative - Northeastern University

Financing the Transition

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Margarita Patria

Principal - Charles River Associate; Adjunct Professor- Northeastern University

Policy Perspectives

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Leah Bamberger

Executive Director - NU - Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub

Energy Justice

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